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A Beginning-to-End
Solution for HIPAA
Compliance & IT Security

Healthcare providers and their vendors know how daunting HIPAA can be. Compliance is expensive, difficult and confusing. Worse yet, HIPAA gets in the way of doing what’s important: caring for people and clients. We help you go from zero to compliant, starting day one.

What providers need

  • Policies and procedures that are understandable, simple, and easy to follow
  • A Risk Assessment, Management Plan and other tools to explain, and help you comply with, HIPAA requirements
  • Forms that comply with the law and limit liability
  • Assurance that IT systems are reasonably secure
  • An easy way to make sure that vendors are secure and compliant and stay so

What vendors need

  • Policies, procedures and documentation that they comply with HIPAA
  • IT security
  • Risks assessments that providers believe and like

How it works


Become a client

  • Quick and easy
  • Provides the protection of attorney-client privilege
  • Reasonable fee

Fill out the online questionnnaire

  • Can be completed by anyone and as many people as you choose
  • Submit when you're ready
  • Be honest! It's confidential

Review your assessment

  • We'll generate a risk assessment just for you
  • See your risks and compliance options
  • YOU decide how to address any issue
  • YOU control your budge


  • Receive all needed forms
  • Easy to understand policies
  • Ongoing help to implement

Attorney/Client Privelege
Complete Solution
Benchmark Against Peers
Price Hourly & Expensive Low upfront cost, but unbudgeted with residual risk Reasonable &
Full Risk Assessment
Customized Policies & Forms
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About us:

HIPAA2Z is brought to you by the Am Law 100 firm of Nelson Mullins, a leader in healthcare and technology legal services.

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